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Monday, September 28th - Cancer Bats Recording Demos

Cancer Bats are in the studio recording their new album and they asked me to come hang out for a few days to get some photos. Here are some photos from the first day I spent with them as they recorded demos in their jam space.

I have some more photos from Metal Works while they recorded drums, and I am meeting up again on Wednesday whole they do vocals and guitars.

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Sunday, September 27th - Theset in the rain

I mentioned a few posts back that my good friends in Theset are in town for a few weeks recording their new album. Yesterday they had the day off so we decided it was the perfect opportunity to get some new promo photos done.

We planned on starting early in the afternoon while the light was good, but the guys ended up having a hard time getting to my place due to an overwhelming amount of construction in the city. They finally arrived at my place a few hours after we had planned so we didnt have as much light left to work with. We tried driving to the first location and ended up getting held up for a while because someone was filming a movie downtown and we couldnt get past them.

Finally we arrive at the location and decide that we spent so much time and effort getting there that we have to at least shoot one set of photos while we still have a bit of light. We Parked the van, walked to the location, and I took about 10 photos when it started to pour rain like crazy.

Needless to say we were all pretty bummed out on the lack of ability to take photos, so we decided we would go back to their house and play Batman on the PS3 instead. When we finally got to their place after going through a ton of construction detours, I made them stand outside of their van in the rain and told them to look as happy as possible while standing in the freezing rain after wasting most of the day for nothing.

The end result is this shot which I think is so funny.

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Friday, September 25th - The Artist Life - Lets Start A Riot

Here are some photos from The Artist Life video shoot for Lets Start A Riot. The video was directed by Jason Mewes. The guys from Ill Scarlett and Stereos came out to be in the video as well.

Click HERE to check out more photos from the day.

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Monday, September 21st - Nick Blagona

I spent the day at Phase One in Scarborough Ontario yesterday with my good friends in Theset who are recording a new album right now. It is being produced by Julius Butty who did the last two Alexisonfire albums.

The photo I am posting is of Nick Blagona, who is doing the engineering on the album. Nick has basically been working in the music industry for as long as my dad has been alive. He pretty much had a hand in all of the greatest rock albums over the past 40 years, and he has some crazy stories to back it up.

I will be spending another day in the next week or two with Cancer Bats while they record vocals and guitar for their new album, as well as some more time with Theset when they move over to Julius’ studio in Hamilton next week. Lots of cool stuff. I feel like Im always busy these days which is nice. Im giving this new camera of mine a run for its money thats for sure.

At the end of the day we did a photo with everyone, but Nick said he had to be groomed first or he wouldnt let us take the shot, so Theset volunteered their services.

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Thursday, September 17th - Hedley, Cha Ching

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the Hedley shoot for their new music video. If you would like to see more photos, I uploaded all of them to Flickr. Click HERE to check those out.

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