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Tuesday, September 30th - Skate 4 Cancer!! Part 2

As I said in my last post, here are the photos from after MTV Live.

While you are at it and you got the ol’ HTML’s flowing, www.erinhogue.com/blog is pretty much the best thing ever. There are some amazing stories on that blog, and some equally amazing photos by my friend Erin Hogue. Check them out!

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Tuesday, September 30th - Comeback Kid, Through The Noise

The new Comeback Kid DVD is coming! I have been waiting patiently to post something about it since they used my photos in the layout for the artwork as well as on the actual DVD. I have to wait until its actually out before I can post the artwork which should be in a week or so. For now, check out this trailer for the DVD. It looks amazing. My friend Randy edited it and hes the best so its gonna be great!

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Tuesday, September 30th - Skate 4 Cancer!!

I mentioned the other day that I was hanging out with my friend Rob Dyer from Skate 4 Cancer when he made his way down to MTV Live. I had tons of fun hanging out with him that day and I got a lot of really great photos.

Here are some photos I took leading up to the show. I will post some photos from after the show very soon as well.

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Monday, September 29th - Jay Bentley (Bad Religion)

I took these photos of Jay Bentley from Bad Religion for the cover story for a newspaper in Quebec called LeSoleil. They asked if I could take some photos of him on their tour bus because the story is going to be about bands who spend their lives on the road.

We did a few shots on the bus to go along with the story, then I set up my light outside the bus against a metal shed and we did a few more photos. All in all, I think I spent maybe 15 minutes taking pictures of him. He had some great stories to tell and I had lots of fun.

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Monday, September 29th - James Kachan

Earlier this month I posted some photos of my friend James Kachan that I took in a bar and lit with an iPhone. I decided I would like to take some better photos of him so I got him to come over to my house the other day and I set up a studio to take some real portraits.

You can see my lighting setup in the last image. You can also see how little space I had to work with, but I think I pulled it off and I am happy with the results.

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Sunday, September 28th - Rooftop Party

I was hanging out watching TV tonight when I heard some people outside yelling and screaming so I looked out my window to see what was going down, when I saw this girl dancing topless on the roof of a building across the street. I decided it would be funny to take a picture of it and put it on the internet for the world to see. By the time I got my camera out she had climbed down off the actual roof and continued to dance around on the deck.

I shot this photo at ISO3200, 1/50th sec shutter speed, f2.8 at 200mm with my 30D. Pretty grainy but all in all it gets the job done.

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