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Thursday, October 30th - Justice, Part 3

Here are some photos from after the Justice show at CiRCA last night.

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Thursday, October 30th - Justice, Part 1

I spent the better part of yesterday hanging out at CiRCA with Justice. They had the North American premier of their new DVD A Cross The Universe which is a tour documentary and its really just a great video to see. A few of the highlights from the movie would be Gaspard getting married in Vegas to some random drunk girl, their tour manager getting arrested in a restaurant for carrying a handgun, and then near the end when both Gaspard, Xavier, and their tour manager all get arrested for getting into a fight before one of their shows. Someone gets a beer bottle smashed in their face and it’s pure mayhem. Definitely check that out when it comes out on December 9th.

After the premier, they did an interview with my friend Johnny from MTV, as well as one with BPM TV. then it was just relaxing until they went on at midnight.

Here is a set of photos from before they went on. Check back for more photos from the show as well as some backstage photos after they were finished.

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Saturday, October 25th - Alexisonfire

I did some photos of Alexisonfire today. It was pretty fun hanging out with them since I haven’t seen them in a while now. We wound up down near the water and got some cool photos along the way.

Quote of the day: “cakefarts.com” - Dallas Green
No one had ever heard of such a site before. He assured us that it is exactly what it sounds like. It explains the first photo.

Lighting Tests - Usually when I shoot with lighting I set everything up and then take a test photo to make sure the light is as bright as Im going to need it. Here are two of those tests from today.

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Friday, October 24th - Half Frame Part 2

I took these photos last night with my half frame camera right before the Gsus show. I have no real idea how to use this camera so most of the photos are mad under exposed but still look sweet.

This is what its like to be a photographer during Toronto Fashion Week.

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Thursday, October 23rd - Half Frame Test

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to bring my Olympus Pen EE Half Frame camera to the fashion show and take some sweet photos with it. Today I decided I should probably test the camera out first to make sure it still works. I put a few rolls through it and got them scanned. Here are some of the photos I liked.

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