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Thursday, November 27th - In Calgary

So far I havent done too many updates on the status of the tour since internet, and time to actually process photos has been limited. Once I get home from tour I am planning on doing a big update with photos from the whole thing.

In my last post I mentioned that Means was just about to go on in Edmonton, so here is a photo I took about 5 minutes after posting that.

Means has been on tour with this awesome band from BC called Horizons and we have all been having totally sweet times hanging out. We had a 10 hour drive from Lethbridge to Kelowna, and after about five hours of solid driving, we stopped in a small town called Golden to get some Tim Hortons. We were all pretty stoked to see the Horizons crew hanging outside of their van. I decided it would be the perfect time to get a photo of everyone who has been on the tour this week with the mountains in the background. We continued on to Lethbridge for the show, went out for Boston Pizza after, and then drove to Calgary that same night to stay at Jameson’s house and sleep in till noon. The show tonight is in Calgary, then we drive to Regina for the final show tomorrow.

I should probably write these updates in some kind of order so it makes sense.

In this photo are:
Top Row - Dan Don, Cole, Matt Kelly, Matt Goud, Dustin, Aaron
Middle Row - Todd, Dylan, Damian, Nick
Bottom Row - Tyler, Tin (Soon to be Tinggggggggg), and Me. Its a pretty solid crew to be hanging out with every night.

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Sunday, November 23rd - Means In Edmonton

Hey I am in Edmonton right now with Means and its going so good. They are going on stage in 2 minutes so I gotta make this fast. Here is a photo from last night in Saskatoon. Tour has been sweet so far. We are driving to Calgary tomorrow and we have a day off so Aaron is going to get a tattoo by a guy named Ryan Gagne. (Update: I also got a tattoo by Ryan and its totally sweet. I will post photos soon.) Wednesday we are in Kelowna, then Lethbridge, Calgary, then the final show in Regina. Keep posted.

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Thursday, November 20th - Currents Magazine/Means

I have been meaning to post this for a while now and I keep forgetting. A photo I took of Means is on the cover of the latest issue of Currents Magazine.

I have mentioned Means many times on this blog as they have been really close friends of mine for many years. I met Aaron when we were in grade 9 back home in Manitoba and we have been friends ever since.

The reason I bring this up is because due to some unforeseen circumstances, Means have decided to call it quits and they are currently on their final tour across Canada. They asked me to fly out to Saskatoon to meet up with them for their last week of shows which will end in their hometown of Regina Saskatchewan. It will be really sad to see such a great band come to an end. I am happy knowing that I will have seen Means play their very first show at The Old Firehall in Dauphin Manitoba, as well as their final show in Regina.

Look forward to many updates throughout the week I am with them since I will be taking tons of photos.

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Friday, November 14th - Sondre Lerche

Tonight I had the pleasure of photographing the Sondre Lerche show at The Mod Club. You may have heard of Sondre Lerche if you have seen the movie Dan In Real Life since he did the whole soundtrack. His music is really amazing and I really enjoyed the show. He has this really funny way of speaking on stage and you really feel like hes talking directly to you.

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Thursday, November 13th - Lexington

This past Saturday I did photos for a band called Lexington from Toronto. Here is one of them.

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Tuesday, November 11th - Tiesto

This past Saturday I photographed Tiesto at a sold out performance at CiRCA here in Toronto. Here are a few of the photos from that show.

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