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Thursday, May 12th - Published!

Recently I have been shooting for a lot of different magazines based out of Europe which totally rules! The downside is that it usually takes a lot longer for the magazine to come out here in Canada and I end up missing out on getting a copy and I have to rely on getting a PDF from the editor which doesnt happen every time.

I finally managed to track down these two older features for Mojo and Rock Sound, as well as a more recent one for Kerrang. Check them out!

Ron Sexsmith for Mojo Magazine - November 2010

Ten Second Epic for Rock Sound Magazine - June 2010 / Title Fight for Kerrang Magazine - April 2011

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Sunday, May 8th - Northcote

This past week my friend Matt from Northcote was in Toronto to promote the release of his new album called Gather No Dust. Here are a few photos I took while he was here.

I had already posted this on the next page but I figured it would make more sense if it was included in this post as well.

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Thursday, May 5th - Billy Talent Sound Check

Im finally going through all my photos from the Alexisonfire tour and I came across these photos of Billy Talent while they were doing their sound check for the show on December 19th in St Catharines.

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Tuesday, May 3rd - Damian Abraham in Rock Sound

I just received this copy of Rock Sound in the mail this morning to find that a photo I took of my good friend Damian Abraham was published in a 2-page spread along with an interview about his record collecting obsession. If you would like to read the interview you will have to go out and grab the issue.

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