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Tuesday, May 26th - City and Colour

I spent the better part of yesterday at Massey Hall with City and Colour for one of three shows he is playing there this week. Here are a few photos from before and during the show.

The picture of the guy holding the drawings is funny because they are of a photo I took of Dallas a while back. He almost didnt let me take a photo of him until I told him it was my photo he was technically selling. Dallas’ parents bought one from him too.

The last photo is the only one from the actual show. It was taken during a song Dallas sings acapella. It was a pretty epic song to hear in that venue. Tonight I am going to make sure I listen to it from the front to hear the full effect.

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Saturday, May 23rd - Stereos, Hamilton

Here are some photos of Stereos leading up to their show in Hamilton.

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Friday, May 22nd - Johnny OC

The other day while I was at the Continuance show, I ran into my friend Johnny OC. I took this photo outside of the venue as the sun was going down.

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Thursday, May 21st - Stereos Day 1 of 3

I just ran into my good friend and former roommate, Jamie Campbell tonight and he told me how stoked he is that I update my blog so often. I figured I would update it tonight just for him, even though I am incredibly sick right now. Jamie is an amazing photographer so check out his website.

I mentioned a few posts back that I spent a few days with a great band called Stereos taking photos of them and having a good time.

I had lots of fun with them and I will be spending a lot more time with them in the near future with their new music video premier on Much Music on the 27th, right after their episode of Disband airs. On Friday they are performing on MOD. If you are in the area then come hang out.

Here are some photos from day one of three. They had a show at Tattoo Rock Parlor, so they picked me up from my house early in the afternoon and we headed to Long and McQuade before going back to their house to load the van and have some food. After that, we headed down to the venue to load in for the show.

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Wednesday, May 20th - Continuance

My good friend Dylan recently joined a band called Saints Never Surrender, and they changed their name to Continuance. Soon after that, my friend Stephen also joined the band. Yesterday they played in Toronto so we hung out before and after the show. It was lots of fun.

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Wednesday, May 20th - The Midway State

I was reminded the other day that I never did post my photos from the Midway State show in April, so I wanted to make sure I got that done.

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