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Saturday, May 31st

I wanted to try to post one more time for the month of May, but I really didnt want to post more City and Colour photos just yet since I posted so many in the past few weeks. I went through all the stuff I have shot recently and I decided I really liked these two photos from my trip to Vancouver.

The Skate 4 Cancer tour was in Vancouver the night before so Vanessa and I met up with Rob and some other really good friends and we headed down to the beach to drink wine. We ended the night by sitting around a bonfire listening to our friends Ben and Dave sing the most incredible songs on an acoustic guitar, and then Rob fell asleep. It was such an amazing way to end our trip to Vancouver.

Here is a photo of Ben and Dave starting the fire, and one of us listening to Ben play a song.

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Friday, May 30th - Misery Signals Backstage Photos

I got a lot of positive feedback on the City and Colour backstage photos I have been posting recently so I decided to post some from the Misery Signals/As I Lay Dying show as well.

I have some stuff coming up that I am so excited to be shooting but I dont want to say what they are just yet until I get confirmation that they are going to happen for sure.

Evergreen Terrace playing Dice Games

For about $1.75 US

As I Lay Dying/Misery Signals’ Dressing Room

Misery Signals loading out

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Thursday, May 29th - City and Colour Backstage

I have posted so many City and Colour photos lately and this is only the Vancouver show. This is another bunch of backstage photos before the show started.

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Tuesday, May 27th - Sleepercar in Vancouver

Sleepercar is such an amazing band who I think everyone should go to see play live if you ever have the opportunity. Their music has a bit of a country feel to it and Jims voice is amazing to hear live.

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