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Tuesday, March 30th - Fashion Week

Its Fashion Week here in Toronto. I shot a show for Jules Power yesterday. Today I am going to Ottawa with my good friend Matt Goud for a few shows. Check for updates.

P.S. Yes, the Alexisonfire photos are coming soon.

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Monday, March 22nd - Fucked Up

The only other band I photographed during CMW was Fucked Up. I didnt plan on shooting them and I only ended up bringing a film point and shoot camera with half a roll of film left. I ended up getting really excited about shooting and ran out of film pretty fast, so my friend Jay Obyrne let me use his super crappy point and shoot camera (No offence Jay) and I ended up with these two photos below.

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Monday, March 22nd - Comeback Kid

This year for CMW I decided to leave my camera at home and enjoy the shows but there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to photograph Comeback Kid at the El Mocambo. The show was great, although I managed to destroy my flash within the first 2 songs so I only ended up with two good photos.

I have spent some time in the studio recently with Comeback Kid while they are recording their new album and its sounding so rad. Definitely look forward to that coming out later this year.

I would love to say that I did this double exposure effect on purpose but it was just a coincidence that I happened to be taking a photo at the exact same time as someone elses flash went off.

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Saturday, March 20th - Silverstein

Here are photos of Billy and Shane from Silverstein on Much Music this past Tuesday. They were promoting their 10 year anniversary shows at the El Mocambo this weekend. Each night they are playing one of their four albums in full which is pretty cool.

Thursday - When Broken Is Easily Fixed
Friday - Discovering The Waterfront
Saturday - Arrivals and Departures
Sunday - Shipwreck In The Sand

As of today, three of the four shows has already happened, but you should come out tomorrow to see them play Shipwreck In The Sand. It should be a good time. Yesterday there was an after party at The Mod Club. I didnt bring a camera with me, but my friend Michelle let me use her Fuji digital point and shoot. The results are HERE.

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Friday, March 19th - We Are The City & Aidan Knight & Haircuts

During the week of CMW, I ended up spending a lot of time with this great band from BC called We Are The City. Their guitar player David talked a lot about wanting to shave the sides of his head and mentioned how he almost went to multiple barbers to get it done but couldnt go through with it. On their last day in town we went for breakfast with a group of friends, and afterwards ended up in my kitchen fulfilling David’s dreams.

You should check out We Are The City by clicking HERE. Their music is amazing and it sounds even better live so you should really go see them play whenever you get the chance. You should also check out Aidan Knight by clicking HERE. He may be a mediocre barber, but he is a fantastic musician and a great guy. While on the subject of music to check out, our friend Graham Wright was also hanging out with us, giving sage like advice on this glorious haircut. Graham plays in a band called Tokyo Police Club which you can hear HERE.

As a bonus, it turns out you can watch this haircut on video too since We Are The City has been filming everything they do and making sweet tour updates. Check it out below. A small fact I missed out on before is that this was one of the most well documented 15 minute haircuts of all time.

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