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Tuesday, March 31st - Protest The Hero

Back in February I took photos on the set of the new Protest The Hero video for their song “Spoils”. The video is going to look really rad so look out for it really soon. Here are some photos from the day.

Also, Alternative Press did a feature on their website on the photos I took so check that out HERE.

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Monday, March 30th - Congratulations to Lights

Since I posted something about Dallas winning a Juno yesterday, I figured I should also post something about my friend Lights who won a Juno for best new artist.

Here is a photo that not a lot of people would have seen yet. I took this photo the night before my opening and still managed to include it in the show..

I should also mention that prints from any of the photos I had in the show are still available. They are 12x18 prints in a 20x30 frame and they are $150. I am going to post something soon with all of the photos so everyone who couldnt make it out can still check them out. For now, check out Lights!

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Sunday, March 29th - Congratulations to City and Colour

I was just watching the Junos and my friend Dallas just won for songwriter of the year so congratulations to him for that. He also performed his song Sleeping Sickness with Gord Downie and it was really great so you should check it out if you missed it.

I dont really have a photo to go along with this post since Im in Toronto and have nothing to do with the Junos, so I went and found this photo I took of Dallas back in January. I should have lied and said I took it at the Junos.

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Sunday, March 29th - Evan Biddell

I posted a few things last week about me shooting LG Fashion Week here in Toronto. On Friday I was asked to shoot backstage for Evan Biddell, as well as shoot Carlie Wong and Lucian Matis for Fashion Magazine. It was nice to shoot something other than just straight runway and I had a lot of fun running around the the madness that is the backstage during a fashion show.

Check out some photos from the Evan Biddell show.

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Sunday, March 29th - Leonard

Leonard is feeling pretty cool with his new haircut. He just keeps struttin around the apartment all cocky.

I was testing out a new flash I got today for my LX3. Works well so far.

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Friday, March 28th - Art Show Photos

So I talked about my art show for a while on here then didnt post any photos from it.. Until now. My friend and fellow photographer Pat Moore took some photos at the show for me and I think they are so cool. He shot them with film using his Yashica T4, and if you are a camera nerd like me, you would be stoked on that.

Check out the photos below. If you look at the second last photo of Lights, you can see the picture I took of her the night before the show.

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