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Monday, March 31st

.6:24pm.. Lupe Fiasco Again
I have been getting a strangely large number of emails requesting the Lupe Fiasco photos from the show at CiRCA and I just want to let everyone know that they are totally coming. In the meantime you can check out The National Post website for a review of the show as well as a few new photos from it. Click HERE to check that out.

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Monday, March 28th

.11:28pm.. Lupe Fiasco
Last night I photographed the Lupe Fiasco show at CiRCA and it was so good. He went on just before 10 and finished at 1am, which is three solid hours of amazing performance. The show also featured Matthew Santos, as well as a whole band including two keyboardists, drums, bass, guitar, and a DJ.

Here are a few photos I took during the soundcheck with Lupe and Matthew Santos earlier in the day. One thing that can be said about Lupe’s love of performing is that including myself, the sound guy, and the bartenders, there were probably only 7 people watching the soundcheck and he was still running around the stage and going all out as if the place was packed, which I thought was really cool to see. He also had to stop himself at one point because they were going to be opening the doors right away. Im pretty sure if that didnt happen he would have just kept on going.

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Wednesday, March 26th

.1:44am.. Ladyhawk
I shot the Ladyhawk show this past Saturday at The Horseshoe Tavern. Ladyhawk are amazing to watch play, and the crowd participation was amazing. A few guys were splashing beer all over everyone near the front and no one was complaining at all. Check out a few photos below.

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Tuesday, March 25th

.7:37pm.. atticusclothing.com.
I was asked recently if I would like to be added to the Atticus Clothing website as one of their sponsored artists and I was just told this morning that the page is up and running. Click on the screenshot below to go and check it out. Its pretty sweet.

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Monday, March 24th

.11:24pm.. Said The Whale/Black Lungs
Here are a few photos I took at The Horseshoe during Canadian Music Week of a band called Said The Whale, as well as some of Black Lungs. I have a few other things to post over the next few days/weeks including a birthday party I shot for Chris Bosh from the Toronto Raptors, and a Kidrobot fashion show.



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Friday, March 21st

.4:58pm.. Greta Constantine
Well, it is Fashion Week here in Toronto and this past Thursday I photographed the Greta Constantine fashion show at CiRCA. It went really well with a much larger turnout than expected. They built a huge mirrored runway which looked amazing. Check out a few shots below.

Last night was David Guetta and the place was packed. Tonight there is a Kid Robot fashion show which is looking pretty sweet from what I have seen so far.

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