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Tuesday, June 30th - Alexisonfire in Metal Hammer

Anyone who lives in the UK should get stoked on the new issue of Metal Hammer magazine which used some of my photos of Alexisonfire for a feature on their new album. I dont even have the issue yet since its not out in Canada for a few more weeks but I got them to scan it for me so I could post this.

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Monday, June 29th - Braxten Baumung

A few weeks ago I posted photos of my niece Tory. Now its time I post a photo of my Nephew Braxten with his dad, and my younger brother, Max.

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Sunday, June 28th - Running Red Lights

Since it is pouring rain outside today I decided I would catch up on some past work I had been putting off for a while. First up is some photos I took at the end of April of this amazing band called Running Red Lights when they played at Sneaky Dees. They are one of the best bands Ive ever seen play live and you have to go see them whenever you get the chance.

If you have ever been to a show at Sneaky Dees, you would have noticed the complete lack of light on the stage which makes for some extremely tough shooting conditions. I wasnt planning on shooting this show at all and I just happened to have my camera with me since I came to the show straight from a shoot I had earlier in the day. I figured I would give it a try and see if I could get anything out of it and I came up with these three images that I liked.

The first two photos were shot at ISO 1600, f1.4, 1/60th. The last photo was ISO 1600, f1.6, 1/50th. Anyone who read my post a few weeks back about pushing the limits of the camera should realize that I took all three of these photos at the ultimate limits of my equipment, which I only do in extreme circumstances. A fun tech thing to note is that with the last photo, I decided I would be better off with a 1/3 stop slower shutter speed, and a 1/3 stop smaller aperture. Although that increased the risk of motion blur, I figured it would be ok since the singer tended to hold a pose for long enough for me to capture it at a slower speed, and the f1.6 aperture increased the depth of field ever so slightly which increases my chances of it being properly in focus. Like I said in my big post before, its all one big huge math equation with many different end results.

Now for the actual photos.

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Thursday, June 25th - Dallas Green in three sizes

I apologize for the lack of updates this past little while. I have been shooting so many cool things and all of them are going to end up on the blog soon. I just have to get them organized and find the time to post them all.

This past Tuesday, my friends in Alexisonfire released their new album called Old Crows/Young Cardinals. They did a record signing in HMV here in Toronto, followed by one in St Catherines, then a Myspace Secret Show at L3. They asked me to come with them for the day to take pictures of the signings and the show. It was tons of fun and I will have many more photos to post very soon. If you want to check out the photos from the Myspace show, then click HERE to see them on Myspace’s website.

For right now I just wanted to post these two photos that I took on Tuesday during the signings. The first photo doesnt really need any explaining, but the second photo is Dallas with a kid who is also named Dallas Green.

Regular Dallas/Huge Dallas

Regular Dallas/Little Dallas

The photos from Edgefest are going to be coming very soon. I posted one as my splash page for now so go check that out if you havent seen it yet.

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Sunday, June 21st - Fathers Day

Today is Fathers day so I wanted to take a second to talk about my dad. Hes awesome. He has always been awesome and I know he will always be awesome. I remember when I was a kid, my favorite thing in the entire world was laying down across my dads chest so he could bench press me. I thought it was so cool that he was that strong. Even when I got too big for him to do it anymore, I still thought it was the coolest.

I have had this photo hanging on my wall for a while now. My Grandma gave it to me once when I was home visiting. Its one of my favorite photos of all time for a few different reasons.

1. Clearly is the best photo because its my dad and he rules
2. Hes in his high school football uniform. I actually played football for a short period of time at the same high school while I was going there. I didnt really like football at all, but I heard my dad talk about how much fun he had so I joined the team anyway. It didnt last very long, but I still tried it.
3. This is a one of a kind Kodak Instamatic photo. Its the only copy that exists and I have it. (Thanks Granny!)
4. This kind of film and camera has been discontinued for many many years now. In fact, they discontinued it after Polaroid sued them for copying their idea for instant film.
5. Its a photo of my dad.


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Saturday, June 20th - Tory Baumung

I have received a few emails over the past week asking why I havent updated my site yet. The reason is because I was at home in Manitoba visiting my family and I didnt have a lot of time. Here are a few photos of my niece Tory for now. I have others coming soon. Just you wait. The thing I find the funniest about both of these photos is that I never did ask Tory to do either of those things. She just randomly does stuff like this while you are trying to take pictures of her.

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