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Monday, June 23rd - 50 Cent/Lloyd Banks

I am still alive!!

So, last night was the 50 Cent show with Lloyd Banks at CiRCA and it went really well. Check out some hilights below.

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Sunday, June 22nd - Silverstein

Here are a few photos of Silverstein from MTV Live the other day. Tonight I am going to photograph 50 cent and if I live through the whole show, its going to be a mega acomplishment.

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Friday, June 20th - Metal Hammer June Issue - Cancer Bats/This Is Hell

I have been wanting to post this for a while now but I had to wait till I could find this issue in stores here in Toronto. Since Metal Hammer is a UK magazine, it takes a lot longer for it to arrive in Canada. So I finally find it in a store today and Im stoked at how well it turned out. I knew they were using my Cancer Bats photos but I actually had no idea about the This Is Hell photo so it was even cooler when I saw it.

These photos of The Cancer Bats were also in the latest issue of Chart from their CD release show back in April.

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Friday, June 20th - Rob Dyer/Skate 4 Cancer Part 2

Here are some more photos from the time I spent yesterday at MTV with Rob Dyer from Skate 4 Cancer. These were taken after the show as Rob was leaving the MTV headquarters, talking to, and taking photos with supporters and friends.

At one point the group of kids got so large that MTV security came and told us we had to move away from the building, so we made our way across the street to the Canadian Tire parking lot where there was more than enough room for Rob to meet with everyone there.

I do believe that Rob is actually the most genuine and kindest person I have ever known. He is always smiling whenever I see him and no matter whan kind of a day you are having, his warm upbeat personality always makes you feel better right away. He is leaving today to begin his cross Canada skate which will take him from Vancouver to Halifax over the next 3 months.

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Thursday, June 19th - Rob Dyer/Skate 4 Cancer on MTV Live

I got an email from my friend Rob from Skate 4 Cancer today asking if I wanted to come hang out at MTV with him where he was talking about his upcoming cross canada skate which starts tomorrow.

They had a huge half pipe set up in the studio today with some guys skating it throughout the show which was fun to watch. The show started out with Paul The Intern decked out in some crazy padding making the attempt, and failing miserably, to drop in on the pipe.

I have some more photos to post soon from the day including the performance by Silverstein, as well as Rob talking with fans outside after the show.

I would hope at this point that you already know about Skate 4 Cancer, and if you dont, please check out www.skate4cancer.com for more information on what Rob and his crew are all about.

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Wednesday, June 18th - Misery Signals

I did some press photos for Misery Signals a few weeks ago for their upcoming album called Controller which comes out on July 22nd. I got a copy of the album in advance and it is absolutely incredible. I think its gonna be one of the best albums I will hear this year and Im not even exaggerating on that one.

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