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Thursday, July 31st - Rifkin

I spent a few hours today with Hamilton Ontario’s Rifkin and had a totally awesome time. I finally got the chance to test out my Alien Bees Vagabond II Portable Power Pack and it worked even better than expected. I fired over 400 shots and the battery pack was still going strong.

I had debated on whether or not I should get the battery pack for a while now, then a week or so ago I decided to say screw it and just go for it. I also picked up the Alien Bees Boom Arm attachment, and the Large Foldable Softbox, all of which you can see in this photo. I actually cant believe that it took me this long to get this gear. As if I was using 300 feet of extension cords before today. Now I just want to do more shoots!

I am going to wait to post some of the final photos but for now check out this semi behind the scenes shot to show off the new gear.

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Thursday, July 31st - Leaving Toronto Island

Here is a photo I took while on the ferry back to the city after Wakestock.

Check back and I will have those Propagandhi photos posted tonight hopefully. I am also going to Denmark on Tuesday for a week so look forward to some great photos from that.

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Monday, July 28th - Dragonette

I spent most of yesterday on Toronto Island shooting some stuff for Wakestock and I got to see performances by some great bands like Dragonette, Lights, and We Are Scientists. Metric played as well but I didnt bother to stick around to see them play since I dont care too much for them for reasons I wont get into.

After Wakestock I took the ferry back into the city and headed over to The Phoenix to see Propagandhi and it was amazing. I will get more into that when I actually post the photos.

For now, here is a photo of Dragonette. I will post some more over the next day or so.

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Monday, July 28th - Lights/We Are Scientists

I know this is my second post in one day but I wanted to get these photos of Lights and We Are Scientists up right away.

I really liked both of these bands a lot. I was surprised at how many We Are Scientists songs I had actually heard before since I dont really remember listening to them a lot. Either way they are an awesome band and I suggest checking them out.

It was also cool seeing how big the crowd was for Lights since last year she performed at Wakestock to almost no crowd at all so it was great to see how far she has come since then. You may have heard her music if you have seen any of the recent Old Navy commercials since they used a few of her songs for those.

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Thursday, July 24th - Funkmaster Flex

Here is a photo of Funkmaster Flex I took tonight at CiRCA. I guess he didnt have a car to pimp out with high end aftermarket parts so he came in to DJ instead.

Cool stuff coming up this weekend. Wakestock on Saturday and Propagandhi on Sunday. Propagandhi are actually my favorite band ever so Im excited about that one.

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Wednesday, July 23rd - JPG Magazine. VOTE!!

Hey I have submitted a photo of Fall Out Boy to JPG Magazine and it would be amazing if you could go and vote for me to get published in the new issue. Just click on the link HERE and vote for it. You might have to sign up for an account but it only takes 2 seconds.

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