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Saturday January 31st - Gob

This past Thursday I went to see Gob at The Sound Academy. The show was great and it was really fun seeing them again.

Below are some of my favorite photos, and you can check out a gallery with even more by clicking HERE

It feels like it wasnt that long ago that I did promo photos for Gob even though it was back in November 2007. Check out my post about that HERE

Today I shot some photos for my friend Marc André Debruyne who was directing a video for Lindo P’s new song called Lets Get Married. The song rules, Marc rules, and the video is gonna rule too. Check back for photos from that soon. Im also going to be posting some of those photos from the Cancer Bats video shoot for Deathsmarch once I get a final version of the video to show with them.

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Thursday, January 29th - Myspace

Since no one I know actually uses Myspace anymore, I figured I would post this link. There is an ad in the music section with a photo I took of my friend Rob Dyer. Check it out by clicking HERE. Its right after the Bruce Springsteen ad.

Speaking of friends, Im going to see Gob tonight at The Sound Academy, and you should to. Its going to be a really fun time. Check back for photos.

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Tuesday, January 27th - Theset

Here are some photos of Theset from the same show back in October as my last post. Most of the photos are from before the show, but a few are from right after. The band decide that they were going to get some tattoos in the tattoo parlor that is part of the venue, even though I told them it was a terrible idea. Im pretty sure that its the worst tattoo parlor I have ever been into. I guess you live and learn though.

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Tuesday, January 27th - Sydney

Back in October I saw Sydney play a show at Tattoo Rock Parlor here in Toronto. That was my last time ever seeing them play since they just played their final show this past Friday.

Here are a few photos I took during their soundcheck.

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Monday, January 26th - Attack In Black

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that last year I wound up shooting a few different concerts that I never really had time to process until now so I am working on catching up with that and getting some stuff to post on my blog.

One of those concerts I shot was on May 1st, when Attack In Black opened up for The Constantines at The Phoenix.

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Sunday, January 25th - Black Lungs

Last night my friend Wade and his band Black Lungs played a show at The Kathedral in Toronto. The show was really fun and I encourage you to go and see him play if you hve the chance. Its great hearing his songs performed with a full band. Check out some photos I took.

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