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Saturday, February 28th - Art Show!!

This is my last post for February, and its a big one! I am having an art show on March 11th at Czehoski here in Toronto. The address is 678 Queen St. West and it starts at 9PM. Oh, its also FREE!!

This is my first art show ever and its gonna be so much fun. I am showing some of my portraits from my Toronto musicians/artists series I have been working on for the past few years.

Please come out and show your support if you can. If you cant, then wish me luck. Im a little nervous and a lot of excited which is a fun mix. Even if you dont like the pictures, you can still come hang out. Lets pack this place! Lineups around the block!

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Friday, February 27th - Jessica

Last night I got yet another new lens which is always exciting. Today I took photos of Jessica and I used that new lens. Here is one of the photos that I liked a lot.

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Tuesday, February 24th - Alexisonfire Jam Space

Back in December, Alexisonfire asked me to come hang out with them and take photos at their jam space in St Catherines while they wrote some new songs for their upcoming album titled “Young Cardinals”

I guess now is as good a time as any to finally post some of those photos.

I met up with Wade at his house where we listened to some of the demos they had recorded already and we waited for Dallas to show up to drive us to St Catherines.

Some highlights from the day would be hearing the new songs, watching the creation of a new Alexisonfire rockabilly side project called Big Daddy and the Flaming Hell Hearses (Yes, plural), and seeing them all try to play each others instruments for one song.

Alexisonfire are recording the album right now in Vancouver, BC and from what Ive heard, it is going very well and I am stoked to hear the final version.

Check out some photos below.

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Sunday, February 22nd - Fuze Magazine Issue 14

I have some photos in this months issue of Fuze Magazine from Germany. Check them out below. Comeback Kid, Attack In Black, Trail Of Dead, and Architects.

Tonight I was asked to come and take some stills on the set of the new Protest The Hero music video so that should be really fun.

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Saturday, February 21st - Lights

Tonight I shot Lights at The Phoenix. The show was really early which was kinda nice for a change, but it was really cold out so getting there sucked. The place was packed and I felt like I was one of the oldest and tallest people there. Odd since Im only 24 and of average height.

Rarely do I complain on this blog, but I am going to take this time to voice my opinions on a few small things. 1.) I really wish the guy who does lighting at The Phoenix would just go ahead and actually turn them on for a change. I usually avoid shooting shows there because its always so dark that my photos dont ever turn out that well. You can see in the photos below that they are super grainy and its because I had to shoot at ISO 3200 for most of the show. You will also notice that they are all taken from the exact same spot, which brings me to point number 2. Almost every single person in the venue tonight was a 5’ tall female, and any time I moved, I had to listen to groups of really young girls who had apparently never been to a concert before, complain about the fact that they could no longer see, as if their spot was assigned and I was breaking the rules by moving closer to the stage. It also is as if moving slightly to the left or right to see around me was a huge problem. I was referred to as an asshole multiple times, and I heard some girls discussing how much they hate when people cut in front of them at concerts. I just didnt have the patience or the energy to deal with that kind of stuff tonight, so once I got in a place I could see well enough, and they stopped complaining, I stuck it out, got some shots and left. As you can tell, I was totally not feeling this show at all, and Im surprised that Im actually posting anything because I dont think they are that great. Anyway, thats my rant. Thanks for bearing with me.

Here are some photos.

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Saturday, February 21st - Bike Ride

Last night at 2am I biked to 7-11 to put some more air in the tires of my new-ish bike so I could start riding it more. I saw my friend Damian there and he told me his wife is having a baby in May which is pretty rad. Totally off the topic of this already off topic post.

I got up today and went for a ride down by the water and it was cold, but amazing. Im stoked to ride more now that its getting warmer out.

Here is a photo I took with my cell phone before I turned around and biked back home.

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