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Wednesday, December 22nd - NME’s 50 most stunning photos of 2010

NME just put up a gallery of the 50 most stunning photos they ran in 2010 and I ended up with two of them.

Check out the full gallery by clicking HERE.

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Monday, December 20th - Cancer Bats

Last night was the final show of the Alexisonfire tour so they brought out all of their best friends bands including Chore, Cancer Bats, Moneen, and Billy Talent.

Here is a photo of Liam from Cancer Bats that I really enjoyed.

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Friday, December 17th - Final Tour Update

Im trying to keep the tour updates to a minimum. I shot over 9000 photos and I still have 2 shows left, as well as an in store tomorrow in Toronto.

We started on November 26th in Victoria BC and spent the last 3 weeks playing shows in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, North Bay, Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, London, and Toronto. There is one more Toronto show tonight and the final show is in St. Catherines on Sunday.

I took this photo in Montreal on December 10th.

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Tuesday, December 14th - Meet & Greet

Here is a photo of what you get when you are a member of the pre show meet and greets for the Alexisonfire tour. I took the photos for the cover and back of the 7” as well as the poster and meet & greet pass.

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