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Friday, December 19th - Lacerda

Here is a photo I took a few weeks ago of Lacerda. If you have the chance, head over to their myspace by clicking HERE and check them out. They were in AP a couple months ago as a band to look out for and I totally know why.

I havent been posting all that much this past few weeks but I have been shooting a few new things that Im excited to post soon.

I did portraits for my friend Scott Hammell a few days ago which he is going to be using as promo when his new website launches in the new year. I also went with Alexisonfire to their jam space in St Catherines to take photos of them in the space writing songs for the new album (I heard the demos and it sounds amazing!). I also did promo photos for DJ Whoo Kid last month right before I left on tour with Means so those photos are coming soon as well. Keep checking back. I am flying home to Manitoba tomorrow night and I plan on processing and posting these things while Im home.

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December 9th - The Girl

Check out the new City and Colour video for “The Girl”. If you look closely you can see me in the video a few times.

Vanessa was there to take behind the scenes photos and they asked me to be an extra for a few little walk on parts, so of course I brought my camera anyway and I took a few photos throughout the day as well.

The other day I went to St Catherines and hung out at Alexisonfire’s jam space while they wrote and recorded demos for some new songs. I will have some photos from that to post sometime in the near future. Maybe even before the end of the year!

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Monday, December 8th - Alexisonfire

It feels really weird to be typing December in the title. This year flew by so fast.

I wanted to share a link to the Alternative Press website where you can check out a photo I took of Alexisonfire. I posted an outtake from the shoot last month. Originally the photo was supposed to be used in this months Most Anticipated issue of Alternative Press, but I guess there were too many bands and AP had to make some cuts and decided to put a few of the bands online only. So although this isnt as cool as it would have been if they actually printed it, here is a link.


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Thursday, December 4th - Means Final Show

I keep getting tons of emails asking when I will be posting the photos from Means final show in Regina so I wanted to post one or two in the hopes that it will tide you over until I can get the rest of them processed.

I took over 30 Gigs of photos in the week I was with Means, 8 of which were just from the final day in Regina. It takes a lot of time to weed through and process that many photos and I am hoping to have all of them done really soon.

For now check out a few of my favorites from Regina.

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