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Sunday, August 31st

Remember when my website used to contain a portfolio? Well, I just wanted to make a point of mentioning that the plan all along since I took it down was to redo it and make it look way better than it used to do. Ever since the day I took it down I have been spending the free time I have in between jobs working on it and trying to make sure it is something I am happy with. At this point, it is pretty much done, aside from a few minor tweaks which I have been trying to find the time this past week to finally get to.

The plan is to have it up within the next month or 2. At the very least I am going to have it up by the end of the year for sure. I will make an announcement on here when I have it ready to go. It will be exciting.

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Thursday, August 27th - Final Fantasy

Last night I finally had the chance to see Final Fantasy perform at The Danforth Music Hall and it was amazing!

If you dont know who Final Fantasy is then you should really get on that right away. Its really something else to watch Owen record his violin parts and then loop them overtop of each other while to build up to a full sound which he then sings over.

Its kind of funny how I had never actually seen him perform before tonight since over a year ago I did some portraits of Owen in my old studio.

Check out some photos below, and even more photos at FormerTransformer.com by clicking HERE

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Thursday, August 21st - Rohan Ricketts

Two days ago I hung out with Rohan Ricketts and did some photos of him to use as headshots for his soon to be acting career. Along with the acting headshots, I did some portraits more in my own style as well.

Rohan is orginally from London England and now plays soccer for Toronto FC which is really cool.

You may have noticed that in the 50 Cent photo on the front page of my website, he is wearing a Toronto soccer jersey. I will tell the story of how that came to be. As 50 and his crew were about to drive away, Rohan walked up to the window of the SUV and started explaining to 50 Cent how he thinks he is such a great man and how he thinks a lot of people dont give him credit for how smart and well articulated he really is in his interviews. Rohan then told him how much it would mean to him to have a photo of such a great man holding his jersey. 50 reached forward and took the jersey from Rohan and put it on. Rohan then went to hold up his cell phone to take a photo of it when he noticed me standing there with my camera and he asked if I would take the picture for him. Of course I wasnt going to refuse so I stuck my camera in the window of the car and took the photo. 50 then turned around to let me take a photo of the back of the jersey showing Rohan’s name as well.

It turned out to be a great picture that I am so happy to have, as well as an amazing story to tell. I have a lot more respect for 50 Cent after that happened. He is actually a really nice person which was so cool to learn.

To see the 50 Cent photo in question, just go back to www.jessbaumung.com and check it out. Here is one of the photos of Rohan from the shoot.

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Wednesday, August 20th

Check out the latest issue of Concrete Powder Magazine for a photo I took of City and Colour from the show at Massey Hall in Toronto.

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Monday, August 11th - Copenhagen, Denmark - Day 4

[EDIT] Please ignore the masses of junk comments in this post. It seems as though a computer program has found my site and decided to post as many crappy porn ads as possible. Apparently they think its an effective form of advertising.

Luckilly I have managed to get free wireless from the place I am staying at so I am able to update the blog a little easier today.

With the wedding over, we were on our way back to Copenhagen by train until Wednesday, when we fly back home to Toronto.

We got back into Copenhagen at around 1:30PM and checked back into our apartment we were staying at, then decided to go and walk around downtown to do some shopping. The first few days we were here we somehow ended up walking around either really late at night, or really early in the morning, so a lot of stores werent open. It was interesting to be out and about in the middle of the day this time to see just how busy it really gets here.

I found another piece of over sized litter which I thought was really funny. I also had a good laugh at the beer ad with the topless girl who’s nipples are just barely covered by a strand of hair. Its pretty interesting to see how the standards are a little different here for whats acceptable. The other day we saw a newspaper with a preview on the front page for a topless Sunshine Girl.

I didnt end up buying anything since almost everything is really overpriced. I saw a pair of Converse shoes for about $100 which I thought was just a little excessive.

After walking through the downtown area we ended up in an area south of where we are staying and found a movie theater where we decided to finally go and see the new Batman movie. The tickets were $20 each which at first I was really mad about, until the movie finished and I was almost ready to pay $20 more just to see it again.

If you havent seen the Batman movie yet I will just say that it is one of the best movies I have ever seen, even though its so cheesy how he talks when he is in his costume.

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Friday, August 8th - Copenhagen, Denmark - Day 2

It appears as though Jet Lag is a huge bitch. I woke up at around 430AM and wasnt able to fall back asleep again. Luckily I had picked up a Johnny Depp triple feature DVD from Wal-Mart the day I was leaving for $13 which came with Benny and Joon, Edward Scissor Hands, and From Hell, so I started watching the extras for From Hell until Vanessa woke up at 530.

At 6:00AM we decided to head to the downtown area to try to find a coffee shop with internet access so we could arrange a time to meet up with Chris who was going to be driving us to Holbaek for his wedding on Saturday. After walking around for about an hour with no luck finding internet access, or a coffee shop, we found a 7-11 that was open and we were told our best bet for finding an internet cafe, or anything that was open for that matter, we should walk to Central Station which was a 10 minute walk from where we were.

We found our way to Central Station and managed to get on the internet to check emails and arrange a time with Chris to meet up later in the day, then we headed back to the downtown area to try to find something to eat. It turned out that nothing was really open till 10:00AM so we had a lot of time to kill until we were able to get some breakfast, so we continued to wander around finding interesting things to look at.

While we were walking around I also noticed that all of the bikes that I thought werent locked at all were actually locked up with these cool little locks that almost every bike in Copehagen seems to have which bolts on behind your back brakes and just slides through your wheel in between the spokes and stops the back wheel from being able to turn.

After getting some breakfast and checking out a few shops, we headed back to the apartment to pack up our things and get ready for the 1 hour drive to Holbaek. Before arriving at the apartment, we walked through a huge conservatory which was just across the street from where we are staying.

We arrived in Holbaek around noon and got ourselves checked into the Strandparken Hotel. I was very happy to find out that we had internet access which means I can try to update this blog a little easier than while I was in Copenhagen.

We will be here in Holbaek until Monday morning when we are heading back to Copenhagen until Wednesday when we fly back home. I will try to update the blog a few more times before we go back home with some more fun photos.

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