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Tuesday, April 17th - The Escapist

Last week I photographed Mark Correia who is a 16 year old professional escape artists/magician and a hell of a nice guy. We had a lot of fun getting all the shots for his new website which is coming very soon.

Wardrobe styling for the shoot was done by Alexandra Moye. Check out her website HERE.

There are also some great behind the scenes photos taken by Brenon Durston who was kind enough to help out on the day of the shoot. Check out his website HERE.

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Monday, April 16th - High Park

This past Saturday I decided to visit High Park to take some photographs of the Cherry Blossoms at full bloom. apparently I wasnt the only person in the city with this same idea. Click HERE to visit the full gallery.

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Tuesday, April 10th - Show at Goodfellas Gallery!

I am so excited to announce that I was chosen along with 6 other amazing artists to participate in a group art show during Contact Festival at Goodfellas Gallery which is located just west of Queen and Dufferin here in Toronto.

I decided that since the show is taking place in Parkdale that I would show some of my street photographs taken in the area from my upcoming book project. I will be printing the photographs very large and they will look so damn good.

The event details are as follows:

Date: May 3rd. 2012
Time: 7pm-12am
Artists: Jeff Bierk, Jess Baumung, Phil Babcock, Ryan Szulc, Craig Boyko, Max+Gna, Vincent Luk.
Contact info: info@goodfellasgallery.com

You must RSVP if you wish to attend. You can do so by either emailing your name to info@goodfellasgallery.com or by joining the Facebook group HERE.

Im really looking forward to seeing everyone I know so if I know you then you better show up. If I dont know you then you still better show up. Its going to be a really great show.

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Tuesday, April 10th - Max Wolff in Men’s Fashion Magazine

I shot Max Wolff for the latest issue of Men’s Fashion Magazine which is out now. Max Wolff is the new director of design for Lincoln and just launched the new 2013 Lincoln MXZ earlier this year.

The thing with editorial shoots is that you generally have to try to do a few different setups in a very short amount of time in a fairly limited location to give the art directors as many options as possible. One of the only downsides to shooting editorial is that they may end up choosing a different photo than your personal favorite. I decided to include my favorite photo from the shoot along with this post.

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