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Tuesday, April 29th

.7:21pm.. Brownie Hawkeye
After yesterdays post with the polaroid, I really started thinking a lot about how much I love shooting with vintage cameras, so today I decided I would finally run some film through my old Brownie Hawkeye. I really wasnt expecting it to work since the only film I could get at the place across the street from my house was colour and I thought the camera would have too many light leaks to work properly. It ended up working really well and the photos look so amazing from it. Here is a scan of one of the prints I had made today from the 12 photos I shot.

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Monday, April 28th

.7:30pm.. Polaroid
I was looking through some old polaroids today that I have taken over the last few years and I came across this one I took in Vancouver three years ago. I thought it was really amazing and wanted to share it.

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Tuesday, April 22nd

.1:17pm.. MOJO Magazine/Black Mountain
On March 5th I had a photoshoot with Black Mountain for MOJO Magazine. I spent a few hours with the band after the shoot doing some behind the scenes photos of their soundcheck and them backstage and had a lot of fun. I just got a copy of the magazine in the mail the other day so I photographed it today to post on here. Check it out. I believe the issue comes out this thursday in Canada.

Tonight is the CD release show for the new Cancer Bats album at The Mod Club so everyone should be heading out to that. Its going to be insane times.

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Sunday, April 13th

.11:46pm.. Architects
Back in March I posted some photos of Johnny Truant from their show at The Reverb. I wanted to post some now of this amazing band called Architects who are also from the UK. These shots are from the second show both bands played later that night at The Bovine Sex Club. It was one of the dirtiest shows I had seen in a long time which was a really nice change from the usual shows I had been going to a lot at the time and it made it so much more fun.

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Friday, April 11th

.1:39pm.. Kardinal Offishal/DJ Cipha Sounds
This is a photo I took a few weeks back at Chris Bosh’s 24th birthday party of Kardinal Offishal and DJ Cipha Sounds.

I have a really cool update coming up in a few days so check back.

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Thursday, April 10th

.3:21pm.. CK MAN
This is something funny a friend of mine sent me the other day. Last November I photographed a launch party for the latest CK fragrance called CK MAN and Fashion Television was there doing a piece on the face of CK MAN, Garett Neff. If you click on the link HERE and watch the video, at about 03:52 into it, you will see me taking a photo of Garett.

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