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Tuesday, March 31st - Protest The Hero

Back in February I took photos on the set of the new Protest The Hero video for their song “Spoils”. The video is going to look really rad so look out for it really soon. Here are some photos from the day.

Also, Alternative Press did a feature on their website on the photos I took so check that out HERE.

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Thursday, January 24th

.1:33am.. Protest The Hero on MTV Live.
Yesterday I posted the Fuze Magazine page with my Protest The Hero photo and right after I went out for coffee with my friend Dee from I Hate Sally. We were talking for a while when Protest The Hero was somehow brought up and she had remembered they were supposed to be playing on MTV Live at 6pm and that she was supposed to go. I had no idea they were even playing so I made a few calls and managed to get hooked up with access to photograph the show with about 45 minutes to get there.

Like I said in my last post, Protest has a new album coming out on Tuesday called Fortress which everyone should go and pick up. They are having a listening party for the album tomorrow night which I am hoping I am able to make it to.

Along with Protest, MTV Live also had Degrassi: The Next Generation’s, Adamo Ruggiero on the show talking about his recent coming out about the fact that he is gay.

Now if all of that wasn’t enough for you, I have posted more of the photos on Former Transformer which you can check out by clicking HERE

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Wednesday, January 23rd

.2:51pm.. Fuze Magazine.
I was just sent this months issue of Fuze Magazine from Germany with one of my photos of Protest The Hero in it. I dont understand a single word in this magazine but its still kinda cool that my photos are being spread around the world.

Protest The Hero have a new album coming out this coming Tuesday called Fortress. I have heard most of the songs and I gotta say, if you liked what they did on Kezia, you will go nuts for Fortress.

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