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Monday, May 28th - Self Portrait

Here is another photograph from 2006. This time it’s a self portrait that I took in the bathroom of the apartment I lived in at the time.

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Sunday, May 27th - Batman

Every now and then I run into this woman on Queen St and she asks me to take a picture of her. Today she was wearing a Batman costume with no explanation. I would like to be friends with her though.


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Saturday, May 26th - Mannequin Portrait

I took this photograph back in 2006. This mannequin belonged to my roommate at the time and it used to freak me out a little bit so I photographed it to get to know it a little better.

The truth is, I used to get really nervous about photographing people, so I would take pictures like this to practice portrait lighting. I think the day I took this I was trying to figure out how to light someone while not having a reflection show up in the picture frame on the wall. You have to start somewhere. I still have yet to duct tape someones neck to a wall for real though.


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Friday, May 25th - Patrick J. Adams

I did my first photoshoot in my new studio space today with an actor named Patrick J. Adams. Patrick currently stars in a show called Suits on the USA Network. I will be posting more photos from the shoot a little later on but for now here is a behind the scenes shot I took of Patrick getting his hair and makeup done.

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Friday, May 25th - #1 New York Times bestselling author Kelly Armstrong

Kelly Armstrong is best known for her Women of the Otherworld series which “superimposes supernatural characters upon a backdrop of contemporary North American life.”

I photographed Kelly for a feature that ran in the latest issue of Toronto Life Magazine which I will be posting in the next few days and this was one of the outtakes. Check out Kelly’s website by clicking HERE.

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