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Thursday, May 12th - Published!

Recently I have been shooting for a lot of different magazines based out of Europe which totally rules! The downside is that it usually takes a lot longer for the magazine to come out here in Canada and I end up missing out on getting a copy and I have to rely on getting a PDF from the editor which doesnt happen every time.

I finally managed to track down these two older features for Mojo and Rock Sound, as well as a more recent one for Kerrang. Check them out!

Ron Sexsmith for Mojo Magazine - November 2010

Ten Second Epic for Rock Sound Magazine - June 2010 / Title Fight for Kerrang Magazine - April 2011

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Thursday, April 21st - Title Fight

Here is an outtake from my shoot with Title Fight for Kerrang Magazine. After the shoot we went and had pizza and talked about how all the major cities most bands play shows at in Canada are so far apart.

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Monday, February 14th - La Dispute for Kerrang Magazine

While I was on tour with Alexisonfire, I was asked to photograph La Dispute who were also on the tour for Kerrang Magazine. Due to a crazy deadline, we ended up having to do the photos in Montreal on the coldest day of the whole tour.

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Friday, February 11th - Baptized In Blood for Kerrang Magazine

I photographed Baptized In Blood for two different features in Kerrang Magazine. We didnt have a lot of time to shoot and it was so ridiculously cold outside but we made it work. Check them out. I also included one of the outtakes from the shoot that I really liked.

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Friday, April 9th - Dead and Divine in Kerrang

Check out the new issue of Kerrang for a full page photo of Dead and Divine that I shot a few months ago. Im flying to Edmonton on Monday to shoot Ten Second Epic for the same feature in an upcoming issue too.


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